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Grandy's Country Store

Permit as a Milk Producer No. 12-1840
Morriston Florida
(352) 615- 0780
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Welcome to Grandy's Country Store

      Grandy's Country Store is located in North Central Florida's horse country surrounded by lush oak tress and beautiful green pastures.  We share a little piece of heaven with Fudge our beloved  pony, two cats, a flock of chickens, Boer, Nubian and Lamancha goats and Ellie and Roofus our pampered and much loved dogs.
     We are dedicated to a simpler way of living and contributing in every way possible to a greener planet.  We grow vegetables, pracitce the old art of canning, make cheese, yogurt and raise healthy organic live stock for personal consumption and breeding.
    All of the items offered by Grandy's Country Store are handcrafted on the farm or supplied by local artisans.  Our Mom and Pop operation is our passion and we take personal pride in producing only the finest quanlity products for even the most discriminating shoppers.  For example, the milk for our goat milk soap comes from our goats.  The milk is farm fresh and collected daily.  Our goats are fed a premium feed and have free access to luscious pasture to browse.  Only natural ingredients are used to produce these creamy handmade soaps.
       We do not mass produce Grandy's Goat Milk Soap.  Each bar is lovingly prepared and cured for a minimum of six weeks before we package and ship to you.